Shane Weatherby

Shane Weatherby is the Founder and President of G7 Sports Group. Shane has spent the past 25 years building and growing companies across several verticals. Under Shane’s leadership and passion for sports, the G7 Team is building an exceptional Sports Consultant Group focusing on Agency Representation, Sports Memorabilia, Sports Art and Foundation work.

For years Shane has been a huge proponent of building your network and building relationships. Prior to G7 Shane has built a successful Canadian utility supply company, CDF Utility Supply, which is currently expanding into the US as well as an online auction company, Weatherham Estate Treasures, which runs large-scale, high-end auctions across several platforms.

Shane is a respected entrepreneur, with several years experience starting and growing successful grassroots companies in Canada and the United States across multiple industries. Shane attended Carleton University in Ottawa, ON Canada where he majored in Psychology.

Gordie Gronkowski Jr.

Gordie Gronkowski Jr. is a Director at G7 Sports Group and brings forth a considerably vast network of athletes, influencers, and sports personnel. He offers a unique perspective as a professional athlete himself, which strategically lends itself to the development of other athletes and the establishment, as well as longevity of future relationships.

Gordie has an impressive portfolio as an entrepreneur, he currently heads the Boston branch of Gronk Fitness and is responsible for curating the perfect assortment of fitness equipment for new gym installations. He is also involved with his other brothers on a successful venture called Ice Shaker that is recognized across America.

Prior to shifting his focus to business, Gordie had a successful professional baseball career that spanned 6 years. He was ­­drafted to the Los Angeles Angels in 2006 and proceeded to play in the minors for another 6 years, making him a tremendous asset to G7SportsGroup with first-hand experience and knowledge of professional athletics.

Gordie attended Jacksonville University and quickly became an All-American freshman, that was drafted out of university to the LA Angels.

Kyle J. Miranda

Kyle Miranda is G7 SportsGroup’s Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer (CGO), providing entrepreneurial expertise and an extensive network to the company and its core operations, while simultaneously providing strategic planning initiatives to facilitate relationship building with athletes and partners alike.

Prior to joining G7 Sports, Kyle was involved in multiple ventures, specifically pertaining to networking and growing brand recognizability. Kyle graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in Business Communication, and a minor in Business Administration. He also was a part of the men’s Division 1 Arizona Wildcats hockey team, which contributes to his unique qualifications for understanding the sports world from an athlete’s perspective.

Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson is CEO and Co-Founder of G7 Sports Group and provides a vast amount of knowledge and entrepreneurial expertise. His proficiency in business management and experience in project execution play a vital role in the development and advancement of G7 Sports.

Andrew has an extremely impressive and diverse professional portfolio, the demonstrates his skillfulness and versatility across many mediums. He is the co-owner and manager of a utility equipment company, a nuclear site construction coordinator, as well as co-owner and President of WIII Group. Each of these titles and the experience that accompanies them ensure that Andrew will propel G7 Sports Group forward quickly and efficiently.

Andrew attended and graduated from Durham College, specializing in pipefitting. He is a Red Seal certified steamfitter which demonstrates his dedication and attention to detail, making him the ideal CEO for G7 Sports Group.